Balochi Phrases translated into English and Urdu

01 Jun

Here are few Baluchi phrases translated into English and Urdu. Baluchi in roman is not purely roman Baluchi actually these are written in sound bases.

Baluchi = Chitoray ta’o? / Choney ta’o?
English = How are you?
Urdu = Aap kaise hain ?

Baluchi = Mann vashaan
English = I am fine
Urdu = Mein teak hoon

Baluchi style 1 = Ta’ee Louge mardum chitoraa.n?
Baluchi Style 2 = Ta’ee Louge mardum choon naa.n.?
English = How is your family?
Urdu =Aap ka ghar waale kaise hain?

Baluchi = Dura’ein louge madum vash-daad jooraa.n?
English = everybody is fine at home
Urdu = Ghar pe sub khairiyat se hain

Baluchi style 1= Ta’ee kaar choon alagaa’ein ?
Baluchi style 2= Ta’ee kaar choon ravaga’ein?
English = How is going your job?
Urdu = Aap ka kaam kaisa chal raha hai?

Baluchi= Allah-e-shugrein kaar sharr ravaga’ein
English= Job is going well by the grace of almighty Allah=
Urdu = Kaam tu khuda ke fazl-o-karam se acha jaa raha hai

English = Allah-e-mayaa-ray
Urdu = Khuda aap ko apne hifz-o-amaan mein rakhe
English = God bless you

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