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Balochi Language Translation Service specializes in providing high quality English, Pashto ,Kashmeeri, Punjabi,Sindhi,Farsian, Arabic,Brahovi, Hazargi,Dari,Chinese, Urdu and many other languages to Balochi and Balochi to English, Pashto, Kashmiri, Punjabi, Sindhi, Persian, Arabic, Brahovi ,Hazargi,Dari,Chinese, Urdu and many other languages. Balochi language translation services for personal and for business use. Our extensive network of professional Balochi translators means that translations from Balochi to English and English to Balochi are one of our most specialized services. We provide your Documents in Unicode Tastaleeq Balochi fonts in all Balochi Dialects with proofreading through track changes.

we are always eager to serve our customers efficiently by finding new ways to improve our quality & reduce our prices, so our customers benefit both ways.

Whatever kind of translation you have – legal, technical, medical , Media or general documents – we are happy to handle anything from small-scale translations to large-scale localization projects with ease.

We will be more than HAPPY! To hear from you, any time of day or night. 4:00 AM no problem! When it comes to language solutions, we are your friend in need!

Our team of Balochi translators

Our team of Balochi translators includes translators who have prior experience in the relevant fields. All of them are experts in the subject matter. We make sure that all our translators have an excellent knowledge of the target language as well as the source language.

The only way a translator can have an excellent knowledge of their target language is by being a native of the land where the target language is spoken, which is why we only have natives and in-country Balochi translators.

We adopt the most stringent methods to ensure that our work is of the finest quality, and our ever-expanding team of Balochi translators is selected with the utmost care. To become a part of All Translation Services, each translator has to pass a rigorous selection process.

We translate Balochi language with ease and on time!

We give you the best turnaround time for your Balochi to English and English to Balochi translations. Our Balochi translators can translate an average of 2500 to 3000 words per day. We time our services to your needs. We don’t follow other people’s standards: we set our own new standards everyday by achieving our goals and by supplying high quality English to Balochi and Balochi to English Translation Services to our clients.

About Balochi Language
Balochi language belongs to Northwestern Iran. This language is the principle language of the Baloch of Balochistan, Pakistan, southern Afghanistan and eastern Iran. The normal word order of Balochi language is Subject Object Verb and the language is split ergativity.

Country Where Spoken
Iran, (Sistan, Kerman, Baam etc), Oman, (Salala, Musqat, Matrah,)Pakistan(Balochistan, Makran, Saravan, Jhalvan, Derajat, Lasbila, Quetta, ect Punjab, DG Khan, Multan, Muzafar Garh,etc, Sindh, Karachi, Haydarabad, Sakkar,etc), India,(Rajhistan, Gujarat, Uttar Perdish, Marashtra) Afhanistan, Nimroz, Hilmand, Kandhar, Turkmenistan,( Mari,Ashkabad) Kenya, (Mumbasa,) Sari Linka,UAE, Qatar, Behrain, Kuwite,

Official Language of
Afghanistan, Iran, Oman, Turkmenistan, Pakistan
Alternate Names
Baluchi, Baloci, Baluci, balochi
Total Speakers
Language Family
Balochi, Indo-European, Indo-Iranian, Iranian, Northwestern Iranian, Western Iranian
Writing Style
Nastaleeq Arabic Script
The Balochi language is divided in several dialects: Eastern Balochi, Western Balochi, Northern Balochi and Southern Balochi. Each of these dialects are divided in sub-dialects. For example Rakhshani and its subdialects: Kalati, Panjguri and Sarhaddi), Saravani, Lashari, Kechi, Coastal Dialects, and Eastern Hill Balochi.

1. Sarhaddi Rakhshani
2. Afghan Rakhshani
3. Turkmen Rakhshani
4. Panjguri Rakhshani
5. Kalati Rakhshani
6. Sarawani
Southern (Makrani)
1. Coastal
2. Lashari
3. Kechi
4. Karachi
Eastern or Suleimani Dialect
1. Bugti (Bambore Dialect)
2. Marri-Rindh (Sibi Dialect)
3. Mazari (Upper Sindh, DG Khan Region Dialect)
4. Mandwani & Jatoi Dialects of Western Sindh Region

Balochi language is spoken in Balochistan as regional language. It is also spoken in north west part of Iranand southern Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, UAE, Oman. Balochi is very close to Kurdish language which is spoken in Northwestern Iran. Balochi was not written language before 19th century. Balochi adopted Urdu Arabic script for written purposes. Its writting script is also close to pashto language.
We are specialist in providing certified professional Balochi translation services in all major Countries of world including USA, UK, Canada, and all other Countries.
We do Balochi translate all kind of letters and documents in almost all languages. We have expert Balochi translators, Balochi interpreters from all languages including English,Pashto,Kashmeeri,Punjabi,Sindhi,Farsian,Arabic,Brahovi,Hazargi,Dari,Chinese,Urdu and many other languages.
Our translation services are very reliable. Our all clients data is confidential. Our Balochi translators are qualified and expert in their work.
Although our translation rates are very cheap but we provide most reliable, trustworthy and best Balochi translation. Here are Balochi translation Languages:

Balochi from
Urdu and many other languages.

Urdu and many other languages. To Balochi

* Depends on legal document

Note: For professional & reliable translation services from Balochi all dialect ((Southern ,Makrani: (Coastal.Lashari, Kechi, Karachi) Western or Rakhshani: (Sarhaddi, Rakhshani, Afghan Rakhshani, Turkmen Rakhshani, Panjguri Rakhshani, Kalati Rakhshani, Sarawani) Eastern or Suleimani: Bugti (Bambore Dialect)Marri-Rindh (Sibi Dialect),Mazari (Upper Sindh, DG Khan Region Dialect),Mandwani & Jatoi Dialects of Western Sindh Regio)to any other language including English,
Pashto, Kashmeeri, Punjabi, Sindhi,Farsian,Arabic,Brahovi,Hazargi,Dari,Chinese, Urdu and many other languages.or any other language and vice versa, you can contact us for cheap Balochi Translation Quote.

Balochi interpreters / translators can be arranged for your next project anywhere in world at best prices by Balochi Linguist at your convenience.

Get translate your documents from / to Balochi language including Nikah Nama, Birth Certificate, Educational Degrees, Medical Certificate, Police Verification Certificate, Balochi CV / Resume services, Balochi Visa form filling, Balochi Application form, Balochi thesis services, brochures and all other documents. VIP services are offered for Immigration Firms, Visa Consultants, Lawyers, Government Departments, bureaucrats, TV Channels & Radio Stations and Multinational Firms for Balochi interpretation.


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