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Balochi Dress for Women

By: Samia Batool, Quetta

Balochi Dress for woman is one of the beautiful cultural sides of Balochistan. The Balochi Dress is attractive, in fashion, classic and very rich that a woman from any part of world can’t deny wearing it. Balochi dress is called “phashik” in Balochi language.
It has heavy embroidered sleeves and borders. It has pockets which are in triangle shape. This triangle shaped pocket is sewed with Daman and lots of beautiful embroidery is done on it too. Balochi dress is unique since the embroidery work on it leads you to unique taste of art in Baloch. The patterns, the designs of Balochi dress are unique and eye catching that you can’t find that type of embroidery work in other cultural dresses.
In making of Balochi Dress glass, multiple colored threads and a fabric is used. This fabric can be anything of your choice but usually cotton, silk and Jorchad is used. Talking of appealing colors in Balochi dress, let us tell you that red, green, black, yellow and blue are the most commonly used colors in making of Balochi dress, but as due to requirements of design, the Balochi dress can be consisted of countless colors. Their combination will definitely take one’s heart away.
Balochi dress is very dynamic since they vary area to area. Like in Balochistan if a Baloch woman wears balochi dress with out embroidered borders then she is thought to be a widow. The happily married balochi women wear balochi dress with heavy, rich and bright colored embroidery not only on border but on sleeves too. You will amazed to know that this phenomena is not observed in Balochs of Iran, there even a married woman can wear a Balochi dress with out any heavy embroidery on borders.
Balochi dress is no doubt an apple of eye for any fashion designers since there is lot of space to make it more beautiful and up to date. Like till date Balochi dress embroidery is done in many mediums, depending on its medium of embroidery many new designs are introduced or they existed before but revealed again they are kundi, bugti and Sheeshay wala kam(the embroidery with glass).
Balochi dress as time passes changes itself .The balochi dress with pockets are preferred to be worn in sui and bugti but in Quetta, modern Baloch Girl would like to wear balochi dress without pockets.
The balochi dress is very beautiful and adorable and hence it takes lots of money and time to be prepared. Its price ranges from few hundreds to thousands. An average balochi dress takes 7 to 8 months to prepare since this is one of the unique hand-made dress.
So, if you are fond of experiencing the various cultures and their customs, then get started with balochi dress. This Historic, rich dress will take you as it part.

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