Balochi Dialects

24 Feb

The Balochi language is divided in several dialects: Eastern Balochi, Western Balochi, Northern Balochi and Southern Balochi. Each of these dialects are divided in sub-dialects. For example Rakhshani and its subdialects: Kalati, Panjguri and Sarhaddi), Saravani, Lashari, Kechi, Coastal Dialects, and Eastern Hill Balochi.


Northern Balochi

Northern Balochi dialects are settled north of Iranian Balochistan and Golestan Province of Iran, north of Nimruz Province in Afghanistan and north Chagai District of Balochistan and north of Sind in Pakistan. Northern Balochi dialects are similar to northern Rakhshani and southern Makkorani dialects.

Southern Balochi

Southern Balochi in Iran are living in Southern of Sistan o Baluchestan. In Pakistan Southern Balochi are settled in Southern Balochistan, Southern Sind and Karachi. In Oman most are settled in Muttrah but some settle along Omani coastline and they can be found all over UAE.

Western Balochi

Western Balochi in Iran are living in Northwest and Southeast of Sistan o Baluchestan and very few of Western Balochi people can speak Persian. In Pakistan Western Balochi are settled in northwest of Balochistan. In Afghanistan they are settled along Helmand River and Zaranj area, in the southwest desert region and Mari region in Turkmenistan.

Eastern Balochi

Eastern Balochi are settle in northwestern Balochistan, southwestern Punjab and northwestern Sind in Pakistan.


Balochi Dialects by population, region, religion, and languages estimated by the government of Pakistan in 1998.

Balochi Dialects


  1. Sarhaddi Rakhshani
  2. Afghan Rakhshani
  3. Turkmen Rakhshani
  4. Panjguri Rakhshani
  5. Kalati Rakhshani
  6. Sarawani

     Southern (Makrani)

  1. Coastal
  2. Lashari
  3. Kechi
  4. Karachi

     Eastern or Suleimani Dialect

  1. Bugti (Bambore Dialect)
  2. Marri-Rindh (Sibi Dialect)
  3. Mazari (Upper Sindh, DG Khan Region Dialect)
  4. Mandwani & Jatoi Dialects of Western Sindh Region


Ethnologue report on Balochi

Map showing Balochi dialects areas

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