50 years of the Balochi Academy, Quetta

14 Aug

By: Aseer Abdul Qadir Shahwani

Translated by: Hamid Ali Baloch

The first valuable attempt for the establishment of the Balochi academy and the promotion and popularization of the Balochi language was made in 1957, at Kalat in the name of “Balochi Diwan” and Haji Abdul Qayyum was nominated as the first convener of the Balochi Academy.
On august, 1958, a huge concourse of tribal chiefs, literary men, political leaders and poets was held at Mustung, and the objective of this gathering was to collect financial, ethical, literary and political support for the Balochi academy.
In 1961, it was established as a regular institution. In the early years of its establishment the chairmen and their sincere colleagues left no stone unturned to institutionalize the academy but became vain.
In 1995, Mr. Jan Muhammad Dashti, an expert and well-acquainted man was elected as the Chairman of the Balochi Academy, and he led a u-turn in the destiny of the Balochi Academy.
Fifty years before, when the scion of knowledge and Literature for the promotion and development of the Baloch, Balochi and Balochistan had planted in the shape of Balochi academy, this absolutely formed it a fruitful plant.
During the periods of its development, the Balochi academy made the Balochi language, literature and culture conspicuous by its writings, debates and Conferences.
In 1958, a Constitutional draft had been prepared and in the light of the draft it was given a legalized shape later. A new article for the honorary members (the Baloch intellectuals and literary men who are living in Pakistan or abroad) had been added in the constitution of the Balochi Academy. The date for the annual meeting has been fixed for the members on the first Saturday of the year as usual, and the committees are organized for the election in the same Saturday.
For the welfare and progress of the Balochi Academy, eight committees such as, Finance committee, constitution committee, Orthographic committee; Dictionary committee, encyclopedia committee, Seminar committee, publishing committee and marketing committee have been organized to tackle down the maters of the Balochi academy.
The provincial government used to specify a grant of approximately Rs.50, 000 annually and after all this amount was enhanced to Rs.95, 000. But it is sorry state that the amount was not enhanced till thirty years, and in 1997 when the then chief minister of Balochistan Sardar Akhtar Mengal (an eminent learned man) came into power, he increased the grants of the Balochi academy to Rs.100, 0000. In 2010, the amount rose to Rs. 200,0000and in 2011, the provincial government increased the grant to Rs.500, 0000.
The Balochi academy has published at least three hundred books on different topics such as literature, linguistics, religion, culture, autobiographies, personalities and politics, science, ethics, economics, travelogue and folk literature.
The name of Conference Hall and the rooms of the Balochi Academy have been kept on the historical names of different places such as, Sarlatt, Rabāt, Miyānī, Gokprosh, Bampoor, Talār, Trātānī and Kōhang.
The Balochi Academy has been published approximately 280 books from its birth till now, which are mainly consisted of the folk literature, culture, poetry, grammar and biographies. Many of the published books of the Balochi academy have not been only concluded as texts books in Schools and colleges but as texts books for Federal and Provincial competitive examinations.
The official website of the Balochi Academy is:

In 2001 the Balochi academy started compiling a Balochi-Balochi Dictionary. For the compilation of this dictionary a team of literary men and experts was made in the supervision of Jan Mahamd Dashti. The editorial board was consisted of the following editors:
Jan Muhammad Dashti (Editor in Chief) and editors are: Ulfat Naseem(Panjgoor), Gulzar Khan Murree(Kohlu), Ghaus Bahar(Ormara), Ghani Pahwal(Karachi), Dr. Abdul Saboor Baloch(Turbat), Prof. Muhammad Yousuf Baloch((Noshki), Dr. Aini Baloch(Kharan), Prof. Wahid Buzdar(Koh e Sulaiman), Sajid Buzdar(Dera Ghazi Khan), Molvi Abdul Haq Baloch(Turbat), Yousuf Gichki( Turbat) and Ashraf Sarbazi(Iran).
The dictionary is in its last stage of completion.
On 27thMay 1998, the Balochi academy conducted a Literary Seminar on the occasion of its Silver Jubilee. The Balochi academy is providing its publications approximately 70 libraries from different parts of the province.
Beside, the Balochi academy used to carry out functions and ceremonies time by time in the past and invited eminent personalities in different occasions. Sardar Akhatar Mengal was among the prominent figure, who was invited as chief guest in the inauguration function of the Balochi Academy Complex on 5th June, 1999.
The Balochi Academy has conducted Seminars on the topics such as, Balochistan: Literature and Culture, Natiq Makkorani, Balochi Orthographic System, Pashto Literary Seminar (21st April, 2004), the role of Literature in the changing world and rehabilitation of peasants. Apart from this, the Balochi Academy conducted book exhibitions on knowledge festival at Islamabad and Askari Park Quetta. The Balochi academy has also the honor to carryout book display ceremonies of other institutions in its Conference Hall. Condolence congregations have been managed on the death of poets and literary men in the Balochi academy and lectures have been delivered on the literary contributions of the deceased literary men.
After 50 years of its establishment, the Balochi Academy celebrated its Golden Jubilee on 31st July- 1st august 2011. In this regard, the 2nd International Conference on the Balochi Language, Literature, Culture and History is going to be held and the national and international Scholars will deliver their research papers in the said Conference.
It’s very interesting to note that after the construction of the Balochi Academy premises, the intellectuals came to visit the Academy from different parts of Sindh, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, Iran, the USA and the United Arab Emirates and noted their views in the visitors’ book of the Balochi Academy.
The future planning and the vision of the Balochi academy are clear. Our mission is to leave no stone unturned for the promotion and popularization of the Balochi language, literature, culture and history and to bring the Balochi language on the line of advanced languages.
In this regard, we are en-route to carry out some productive plans such as:
► To make an acceptable and standardized Orthography for the Balochi language.
►to hold national and international conferences concerning to the Balochi language, Literature, Culture and History.
►to establish a spacious library on the basis of modern science and technology and to preserve manuscript and hand written books, publications, and inaccessible research books, films, audios, videos and cassettes.
►to establish a more effective and functional research cell, which fulfill the needs of modern research.
►to extend the needs of Balochi dictionary and translate the Balochi-Balochi dictionary into Balochi-Urdu, Balochi-Persian, Balochi-Arabic, Balochi- Brahvi, Balochi- Sindhi and Balochi- Pashto.
►to write down the three thousand years ancient history of the Baloch nation on the basis of research and compile a book on it.
The eminent personalities to whom the chairmanship has been honored are; Muhammad Sardar Khan Gishkori, Haji Abdul Qayyum, Malik Muhammad Ramazan, Bashir Ahmad Baloch, Abdullah jan jamaldini, Jan Muhammad Dashti, Abdul wahid Bandeeg and Siddiq Baloch respectively.

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