Conference on Baloch language and cultural in the United Kingdom – report

05 Apr

London: Baloch Cultural Society – UK has held a conference on Balochi language and Culture in London United Kingdom. Distinguished speakers shed light on the importance of Balochi language and culture. Veteran Balochi language poet waja Akbar Barakzai chaired the first half of the conference while the second half was chaired by Hoshang Naruee. A fair number of Baloch, and speakers of other languages attended the conference.

Waja Akbar Barakzai in his comments wished that the Baloch cultural Society had invited someone (A doctor) to speak about the anti Balochi language policies of states (Iran and Pakistan). He thanked the participants for taking interest and joining the conference and appreciated the speakers for their valuable time and contributions.

Dr.Agnes Korn: spoke about Balochi dialectology, history of research and present state. She explained about the different dialects of Balochi language spoken in different part of Balochistan. According to her presentation and sources that she presented, Balochi is an Iranian language.

Dr.Badalkhan Baloch: Mr Baloch’s topic and presentation attracked several Baloch youth presented in the conference as he spoke about the the legendary Baloch figure Mir Chakar Khan Rind.

Dr Hoshang Noraiee: Cultural Homogeneity or Diversity in Baluchistan. He also spoke about ideological aspects of culture. In his presentation he showed some picture which he thought were changing aspects of Baloch culture. According to his point of view Baloch culture was shaping in different ways due pressure of globilisation and modernity. He also presented a case study of religious ideology of Jundollah which he thinks is being infiltrated in Baloch culture.

Professor Carina Jahani’s topic of speech was Balochi oral literature (traditional tales and their themes). She said that it is useful and important to continue to arrange such gatherings to promote Balochi language and Baloch culture. According to Carina Jahani’s presentation Balochi is an Indo European language – most Baloch schalors hold the same view as Carina.

She also stressed and urged the Baloch youth to read more and more balochi books/write ups, articles etc to improve their Balochi. During question and answer session she also said that Baloch must make collective efforts to to promote their language and must come up with a common script to standerdise their language.

Dr Shahsawar K: Mr Shahsawar’s speech was mostly about the economic aspects of the language.

Waja Hyrbyair Marri in his ending speech thanked the guest for their contributions and praised the Baloch cultural society for organising such an important event. He said it was important to continue to hold such informative events to introduce Baloch language and culture to International community.

Before I finish, I once again thank the honourable guests for their contributions and I congratulate the organisers of this conference for this successful event. I do hope that Baloch Cultural Society will continue to organise meetings, conferences and study circles to promote Baloch culture, language and traditions”.


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