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1. Survey articles

Josef ELFENBEIN 1989: “Baluchistan III: Baluchi language and literature”. In:
Encyclopædia Iranica 3, pp. 633-644
––– 1989a: “Balōčī.” In: Rüdiger SCHMITT (ed.): Compendium Linguarum Iranicarum.
Wiesbaden: Reichert, pp. 350-362
Carina JAHANI 2001: “Balochi.” In: Jane GARRY, Carl RUBINO (eds.): Facts About
the World’s Languages: An Encyclopedia of the World’s Major Languages, Past
and Present. New York / Dublin, pp. 59-64

2. Sources unspecific for dialect
Mumtaz AHMAD 1985: Baluchi Glossary. A Baluchi-English Glossary:
Elementary Level. Kensington/Maryland
Josef ELFENBEIN 1990: An Anthology of Classical and Modern Balochi
Literature. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 2 vol.
transcription of (in most cases) previously published texts2 with translations,2 the 2nd vol. is a
T, D
George A. GRIERSON 1921: “Balōčī.” In: Linguistic Survey of India X:
Specimens of Languages of the Eranian Family. Calcutta, p. 327-451
grammar; texts (in Arabic script) from various dialects of Pakistan, partly with translation or
G, T
Carina JAHANI, Agnes KORN (eds.) 2003: The Baloch and Their Neighbours:
Ethnic and Linguistic Contact in Balochistan in Historical and Modern
Times. Wiesbaden: Reichert
G, T

3. Sources for individual dialect (groups)
3.1 Eastern dialects:
Mansel Longworth DAMES 1881: A Sketch of the Northern Balochi Language,
containing a grammar, vocabulary and specimens of the language [Extra
number of the Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal I/1880]. Calcutta
G, T, D
––– 1891: A Text Book of the Balochi Language, consisting of Miscellaneous
Stories, Legends, Poems, and a Balochi-English Vocabulary. Lahore
T, D
––– 1907: Popular Poetry of the Baloches. London, 2 vol.
epic poetry, with translation
T, D
George W. GILBERTSON 1923: The Balochi Language. A Grammar and
Manual. Hertford: Stephen Austin & Sons
––– 1925: English-Balochi Colloquial Dictionary. Hertford, 2 vol. D
Thomas J. L. MAYER 1910: English-Biluchi Dictionary. Calcutta D
1 D: dictionary / glossary, G: grammar, T: collection of texts
2 Elfenbein, as he himself says, “corrects” the originals.
Agnes Korn July 2008

3.2 Southern dialects:
Josef ELFENBEIN 1983: A Baluchi Miscellany of Erotica and Poetry: Codex
Oriental Additional 24048 of the British Library. Naples: Istituto
Universitario Orientale
tales and poetry transcribed from the oldest extant Balochi manuscript (ca. 1820),3 with photos
of the manuscript, translation and glossary
T, D
SAYAD HASHMI 2000: Sayad Ganj. The First Balochi Dictionary. Karachi:
Balochi Academy

3.2.1 Karachi
Tim FARRELL 1990: Basic Balochi. An Introductory Course. Naples: Istituto
Universitario Orientale
––– 2003: “Linguistic Influences on the Balochi spoken in Karachi.” In:
JAHANI/KORN, pp. 169-210
discussion of some points of grammar, with 2 short sample texts with translation and analysis
G, T

3.2.2 Oman
Nigel A. COLLETT 1983: A Grammar, Phrase Book and Vocabulary of
Baluchi. Abingdon

3.3. Western dialects
3.3.1 Turkmenistan
Serge AXENOV 2006: The Balochi Language of Turkmenistan [Studia Iranica
Upsaliensia 10]. Uppsala: Uppsala University
grammar4 with some pages of folk tales (with translation and glossary)
G, T
Josef ELFENBEIN 1963: A Vocabulary of Marw Baluchi. Naples
(glossary for ZARUBIN 1932, 1949 etc.)
Ivan I. ZARUBIN 1932: Beludžskie skazki I. Leningrad: Nauka
––– 1949: Beludžskie skazki II. Moscow/Leningrad: Nauka
folk tales, with Russian translation

3.3.2 Afghanistan
Georg BUDDRUSS 1988: Aus dem Leben eines jungen Balutschen, von ihm
selbst erzählt. Stuttgart: Steiner
transcription of an autobiographical narrative, with German translation and glossary
T, G, D
Tetsuo NAWATA 1981: Baluchi [Asian and African Grammatical Manuals
17b]. Tokyo
Behrooz BARJASTEH DELFOROOZ 2004: “Two pastoral Balochi love
songs.” In: Orientalia Suecana LIII, pp. 49-61
with translation and glossary

3.3.3 Pakistan
Muhammad A. BARKER / Aqil Khan MENGAL 1969: A Course in Baluchi.
Montreal, 2 vol.
with some texts and comprehensive glossary
G, D, T
Carina JAHANI 1997: “Byā o baloč – the Cry of a Baloch Nationalist.” In:
Orientalia Suecana 45-46 [1996-7])
poem by Gul Xan Nasir, with translation and commentary
3 Elfenbein “corrects” the original, so one should check the photos of the pages before quoting.
4 Axenov’s grammatical analyses are not always those that some other people would apply.
Agnes Korn July 2008

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